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English Clubs  →    Our new activity — Grammar Clubs!

Improve your knowledge of English grammar and your ability to use it with confidence, through clear explanations by professional teachers!

Our English Grammar Clubs are ideal if:

  • you need to improve your own understanding of English grammar
  • you want to refresh your knowledge of English grammar
  • you are interested in how the English language works


Grammar Clubs are appropriate for Pre-Intermediate to Advanced students. You’ll see how grammar lessons can be fun and motivating using activities that make grammar easier to understand.

Lessons take place every Saturday.

Lesson fee — 200 UAH/lesson.
For Grade Education Center students — free!

Please register at office 32, write to info@grade.ua or call us at 044 364 06 05.
The number of students is limited!

Saturday, July 29.

12:00 – Modal Verbs (Intermediate / Upper Intermediate).

Teacher — Mariana Kucherenko

The topics of our Grammar Clubs will include:

  • Articles (definite and indefinite)
  • Word Classes (nouns, adjectives, determiners and modals)
  • Present tenses (simple and continuous)
  • Past tenses (simple, perfect and conditionals)
  • Future (going to and will)
  • Perfect forms
  • Passive voice
  • Reported speech etc.
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