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CELTA Feedback

Ratings, reviews and more information about our Teacher Training Centre you can find on international website www.teflcoursereview.com

Ivan Atamanenko

CELTA April 2015

I definitely recommend this course. I work as a full-time teacher and I`ve seen how my classes have changed over the last two months and become more enjoyable for me and for my students. I think I`m going to ask for a salary rise.

The quality of training is very high. Although very intense, the course has completely transformed my teaching. Thanks to Jackie and Svitlana. Facilities are excellent! The rooms are comfortable and the technology was working well.

Iryna Nechypurenko

CELTA April 2015

I would recommend this course to a friend. CELTA was a very practical course and useful in terms of self-development considering teaching. I could find lots of useful information and improved my teaching.

In my opinion, this course is worth taking. The course is both useful and challenging. We had friendly tutors that were ready to help. The interview and application procedure were done in a professional way. Facilities were provided with everything we needed for our course.

Teaching practice was well-organized. I do appreciate the way we were having the feedback, especially those that were done with stages (peers-feedback, self-evaluation, tutor`s feedback). As for me, the feedback sessions were lesson-focused and helped us to improve.

The observations were very useful and I would do more in the future. I have discovered a lot of interesting ideas from the experienced teachers/tutors. Input sessions were vital!

We used everything we were provided with. We were given many great ideas we could use later.   

Oksana Nazarchuk

CELTA April 2015

I would definitely recommend this course to anybody interested in getting CELTA qualification and in improving their professional skills as teachers in general. I loved that this course was practical rather than theoretical (and even input sessions were practice-oriented) as I can immediately use everything I learned in my teaching practice.

Overall, the course was challenging enough but well structured so that the workload would be manageable. The input was very useful and this course really changed my understanding of teaching. I feel much more confident as a teacher now.

The application procedure was easy and straightforward. The feedback after each part of TP really helped to clarify whether I understood the input appropriately.

Observation fellow trainees and listening to feedback about their lessons was probably as useful as conducting my own lessons and getting feedback on my performance. It was very useful.

I enjoyed input sessions as they were not lecture-style but the trainers gave us examples of communicative language teaching with the way they presented the material.

Ganna Polianska

CELTA April 2015

I think the course provides valuable and thorough professional growth to all its participants. The course is a very practical one, which was a surprise to me at the beginning, though it is based on a logical and thorough developed methodology tested and used with great learner`s results.

Teaching practice is always challenging (topics, aims) and focused on the learner. Feedback is always useful, targeted for improvement. Input sessions were practical, focused, live and friendly, useful and the most of them I didn`t feel the time.

M. Korchaka

CELTA April 2015

I think the course will be useful for any teacher (and not only of EnglishJ) because the approach allows you to achieve better results in teaching.

Observation of fellow participants was useful from the point of view of not making some mistakes, and finding out some very useful techniques/professional behavior.

Natalie Musiienko

CELTA April 2015

The course is really practical and useful. Tutors are always accessible to clarify any questions. This was a great opportunity for becoming a better teacher. It`s tough and rewarding at the same time.

Part-time CELTA is an excellent option. Loads of practical and useful information. Teaching practice and feedback are always fair and helpful.

Observation of experienced teachers/tutors helped me to define the best patterns which I`d like to follow.

Ludmila Spivakova

CELTA April 2015

I would recommend this course to my friends (school teachers). It is also good idea for teachers to take the course in order to refresh or update the knowledge in methodology.

Bogdana Shliakhta

CELTA April 2015

I enjoyed having a course here: friendly staff, professional, objective and friendly trainers, comfortable facilities and readiness to help and assist in any unexpected situations. I appreciate the trainer’s mild correction in a constructive and specific way.

I absolutely loved it despite the intensity, which involved long hours of preparing both classes and assignments. I`m sure this is exactly what everyone needs to grow professionally. I feel that this course is a milestone in my teaching career.

Olga Muzychenko

CELTA April 2015

I would definitely recommend this course. It`s been challenging, but very useful. I`ve received lots of practical advice, straightforward but constructive feedback. I also really appreciate our tutors` support. Thank you very much!

It`s been a great course — useful, practical and fun. The application procedure was clear well-organized and went smoothly. My interview with Svitlana was organized at a convenient time for me and it was very informative for me (I found out some details about the course).

The facilities are great — we had access to everything we needed on the course.

I think that observations of fellow participants and discussing/giving feedback on their lessons were actually as helpful as teaching practice. Input sessions were very informative and a lot of fun.

Mariia Pysarska

CELTA April 2015

I`d recommend this course to a teacher friend. The course clarifies and puts in order all the knowledge and information about teaching that we have before taking the course.

In my opinion the course is worth taking first and foremost because it ‘systematizes’ all the pre-CELTA teaching information. Now when I look at some activity I can identify what it practices/develops and if it suits some particular lesson.

I`ve been using the preparation room all the time — it`s very comfortable. I was happy to finally meet ‘teachers community’ and to be able to exchange ideas, resources and just share the experience. I think this it what Ukrainian teaching sphere lacks – a united community.

Input sessions are my favorite part of course — they`re informative and fun.

Mariia Riadno

CELTA February 2015

Perfect, really! Personally, I think Grade did a great job every single day. I can’t think about any moment I wasn’t satisfied with (lack of sleep, unfortunately, Grade isn’t in charge of that))).  So, my assessment is Above Standard!

I’ve already recommended this course to my friend.  And I’m ready to recommend it to those who are teachers and want to improve. I have no idea how other centers do this course, and I’ve chosen Grade accidentally, but after these 4 weeks I want to say YES, it’s right place to go. People who created everything for us here, they are professionals. I’m grateful to each person who was creating this course for us.

Iryna Siedova

CELTA February 2015

I highly recommend this course because it helps to think, evaluate and change your teaching style. This course is a must for every teacher to improve and develop teaching skills and be aware of language better. I benefited a lot as input sessions were well provided with useful information. My trainers are the best!!! The teaching practice and feedback were constructive and useful.

Liubov Sydorovych

CELTA February 2015

I enjoyed the course immensely. I liked working with two different tutors as we have learnt different things from them. And I believe we were really lucky that we had 3 instructors during our input sessions, as we were exposed to various approaches to teaching.

I would definitely recommend this course as I have learnt a lot here and I am sure I will implement this knowledge in my teaching. This course offers a different view (in comparison to the traditional / post-soviet view) on teaching and the methods/techniques, which have been covered, are really effective.

Saul Baeza

CELTA February 2015

The course is tough but worth it. This course is very well organized and I am very content. Definitely I would recommend this course. I have developed tremendously as a teacher, and the students of Grade are awesome for teaching practice. The school is in a great location, close to everything in the city. And the staff is very helpful.

Polina Dudchenko

CELTA Autumn 2014

It’s a very good, informative course with lots of practical advice and inputs. It is worth every single minute spent on it. Course was great, challenging, tough, intensive and … marvelous! Great time, team, staff, location, equipment – everything!

Michael Nethkin

CELTA Autumn 2014

I have learnt more than I could have hoped about teaching in general. Even if I teach history in the future, I feel I am a better teacher. Teaching is a great profession. This course is perfect for giving me the foundation I needed.

Great course! I am glad that I did it. I learnt a great deal of information and skills, and of course how to implement them.

Valentyna Iazina

CELTA Autumn 2014

The course was full of useful information, interesting, theoretical and practical things. I would definitely recommend this course because it’s really useful and thoughtful. The trainers are caring and supportive. All the information they give us is needed and I’ll apply it for sure.

Anna Trofymenko

CELTA Autumn 2014

It was really cool journey to “Disneyland”. Thanks to our amazing tutors we got their full of gifts and presents. I think this course is a must for all the teachers, not only the beginners. This is a great opportunity to improve professional, personal and teaching skills and subskills.

Philip larmett

CELTA Autumn 2014

Yes. It’s tough, challenging, but has strengthened my own teaching skills. The part-time course made it accessible to a working teacher without having to clear my agenda for a month. Teach-yourself-teaching-with structure!

Group therapy with other participants. Exploration of teaching techniques.

Lukianets Olena

CELTA August 2014

I highly recommend this course because it helps to think, evaluate and change your teaching style. This course is a must for every teacher to improve and develop teaching skills and be aware of language better. I benefited a lot as input sessions were well provided with useful information. My trainers are the best!!! The teaching practice and feedback were constructive and useful.

Andreeva Maya

CELTA August 2014

Never thought I would benefit so much from any of the course. Though, the  course is more than I expected. A completely different angle on methodology, on teaching and on yourself. The input sessions gave me a lot. Very practical things-to-do.

Denysenko Maryna

CELTA August 2014

The course enhanced professional skills and helped to better understand students. If teachers implement student-centeredness in their practice, their students will benefit from it. They will know both - “the language” and “about the language”. The course is well-organized, thoroughly prepared and effectively delivered. If I had to start doing my CELTA again, I would choose this school.

Stryzhenko Kateryna

CELTA August 2014

My dearest friend, you are blessed to start the most breathtaking experience in your life. The most useful education in my life. Tutors are real masters. It was a great pleasure to work with them. Incredible amount of information we got from the inputs.

Liliya Grigoryan

CELTA August 2014

I would recommend this course to all my friends who teach English and all my colleagues. This course was really very useful, beneficial and even being an experienced teacher I gained so much and I appreciate my trainees who share their knowledge and proficiency with me. Found a lot of teaching tricks I can use and at the same time recognize my mistakes.

Aleksey Litovka

CELTA August 2014

Everything was done in a professional manner. By observing experienced teachers I gained more clear understanding on what teaching job should be in the communicative approach. Input sessions were conducted in an interactive way. They were all well-thought through and guided my studies in productivity.

Natalia Poluyko

CELTA August 2014

Nothing can be better than well organized learning process, 24/7 supportive trainers and comfortable conditions, created by Grade staff for us. The course is challenging, hard but very rewarding. Trainers were objective in their feedback, supportive and guided us to success. All we've learnt on the course we can put into practice.

Olga Galych

CELTA June 2014

It was very useful to try out theory in practice. This course provided me with such an opportunity. It helps you grow personally and professionally in a short period of time. I really appreciated Sveta’s feedback and attitude, she is the right person for the job of a main tutor for the CELTA course. I also appreciated the fact that there was no atmosphere of time or achievement pressure from the tutors. They were strict and demanding but never pressured us emotionally. For the first time in Ukraine I had this kind of facilities available. Both tutors gave very detailed, concise and objective feedback. You did a wonderful job criticising me gently:) I found it all very useful and fair.

Sonia Sytnyk

CELTA June 2014

Surely, this course is great. I loved it. Constructive, logical, interesting, exciting, difficult...This is one of the most interesting things I've had in my life. There was a lot of useful material. The course was sometimes stressful, nevertheless it was very interesting. It was the best course ever! My tutor was very friendly, polite, and attentive. Feedback was always good and constructive.

Svitlana Kycha

CELTA June 2014

During this course tutors helped, explained and gave a lot of interesting information which you will be able to use in the future.
Everything was great: inputs, the room for studying, wi-fi, laptops, paper for copies, books to read, dictionaries - everything to be ready for the lesson. Now I understand how to write lesson plans and how important to think about the aim of a lesson.

Olga Shynkarenko

CELTA June 2014

During this course I learned so much useful information about lesson planning, developing skills, etc. which I did not know before. All feedback was always straightforward, tutors were really objective. Professional trainers, positive attitude to teaching, wonderful students, huge variety of helpful literature - all these (and many more) factors created professional development atmosphere during the course. Trainers’ feedback was always helpful and straightforward so we benefited so much from it.

Olena Balatska

CELTA June 2014

The course helps to be more motivated, organized and creative. I was interviewed in the other centers and this one was the best. The classrooms are nice, interior is attractive and the staff are friendly.  I loved detailed and reasonable feedback.The trainers covered all we needed.

Natalia Ryzhova

CELTA June 2014

The course was very enlightening. It was also real fun because I felt myself being a student again and found many friends, which is good for future collaboration.
I loved watching our tutors and picked up some of their techniques. I think I have found what I was looking for.

Maryna Kovalenko

CELTA June 2014

There is no doubt that I will recommend this course to my friends, especially teachers from secondary schools, because it is based on communicative teaching method that is very crucial in learning English.
The interview and application procedure was very quick, informative, friendly, inspiring to start the course.
It was great to observe some experienced teachers.

Olena Zaichuk

CELTA June 2014

The course gives you a possibility to look at yourself and see what type of teacher you are. Also, you start understanding what type of teacher you want to be in the future. It is a real challenge but you can enjoy every minute of overcoming different obstacles and becoming a better teacher. As for the interview, I wish all the interviews in my life were like that. As for teaching different types of lessons, it was very good to see how things work in practice. The feedback was very clear and detailed. After each feedback session it was easier to prepare for the following lesson. After observing how experienced tutors work, we discussed their lessons and asked questions.

Julia Sochavska

CELTA June 2014

I think every teacher should do this course. Inputs were very interesting focusing on the main aspects of teaching and very deep examining of them. I have learned a lot from my  fellow teachers.

Anastsia Kot

CELTA June 2014

Input sessions were amazing. I have learned a lot. I could ask all the questions I had. There were a lot of interesting things to learn and try during the course. We had amazing facilities and everything was provided: whiteboards, chairs, printers, speakers, etc. I found out a lot from tutors and loved observation of the IELTS and TOEFL classes in Grade.

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