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International English Exams Centre

Why should you take International English Exams?

If you are going to study or even move abroad, taking an international exam is a step that must be taken. International English Exams confirm your language competence at a certain level.

As a rule, various universities, programmes, employers, immigration services and other institutions set a range of specific requirements. Each case is individual and there are no general conditions.

Based on our experience, the most frequent requirements for studying abroad are

TOEFL iBT: 90 – 100,
IELTS: 6.5 – 7.5,
Cambridge: FCE (A, B, C), CAE (A, B, C).

If you are going to study or even move abroad, taking an international exam is a step that must be taken.

In the first place, those who are going to take International English Exams should determine exactly which international certificate is the most suitable. There is a great variety of Testing Systems, but the most popular and demanded English tests are:

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language),

IELTS (International English Language Testing System),

Cambridge Assessment English (KET, PET, FCE, CAE, BEC, and many others).

You should pay attention to the requirements of the institution that will consider the application. If all the exams mentioned above are listed, you should select one of them, having analysed the format and the structure of each test. International English Exams can be either paper-based IELTS, Cambridge Assessment English) or computer-based (TOEFL, Cambridge Assessment English: Computer-based Tests).


Important! Generally, the requirements for the exams and the scores are available on the websites of institutions you are going to apply.

If you cannot find the information needed, do not hesitate to contact the organization directly. They will definitely help you!

After a person chooses a suitable exam, the following steps must be taken:

  • Take a diagnostic English test to check a current level

    Although a considerable variety of online tests is available, you should better contact specialists who are able to assess your level of the English language, give comments and advice. You need to be given such a test, which includes grammar and vocabulary sections, as well as tests your language skills;

  • If your English level is not high enough to get a score required, you should consider the period of time needed to enhance your English level in order to get a definite result.

    Despite the fact that the requirements differ depending on the institution and purpose, those who have just started learning English may find the tests too complicated. Therefore, exam preparation or even taking the exam would be highly ineffective. The time and money saved should be spent on learning the language, do it systematically and diligently to get a decent result;

    Do you know where to improve your English? Language schools working with Grade Education Centre obtain the privileged status of Authorized Cambridge English Preparation Centre. Such status can be obtained if the school is a proven and reliable partner of the Cambridge exam centre in Ukraine. We advise you to contact only credible organisations!

    Having a sufficient English level is only half the battle. The second very important aspect is understanding the structure of the exam. Each International English exam focuses on the assessment of 4 skills - reading, listening, speaking and writing (many Cambridge Assessment English system exams include Use of English section, which tests grammar). To prepare for the test it is better to enroll in specialised courses, where an experienced specialist will constantly monitor your progress, although you can try to achieve the result by means of self-study: pass similar tests online, use all literature available, watch videos with strategies for exam success;

    It is important to remember that in case of self-study no one monitors you, there is a possibility to learn something incorrectly and no one will correct your mistakes!

  • After the preparation process, you need to register for the exam.

    All the International English Exams can be taken at official test centres. Generally, you can register and pay for the exam online, though it is advisable to contact your test centre to specify all the details.

    The English exams registration is really easy with Grade!

  • Before taking International English Exams, you should better specify all the organisational details

    Where should you come on the appointed day, what can and cannot be brought with you, what is the exam procedure, what are the terms for obtaining the certificate, and so on. With all the detail considered you can concentrate as much as possible and get a score you dream about;

  • If you get an unfortunate result, do not get upset.

    Correction work will help you to enhance your scores in specific areas that appeared to be difficult. Afterwards, you can take your English exam again.

    Individual lessons are believed to be the most effective way! In the shortest time possible we will find the best teacher and a schedule for you!

  • Having received a certificate with a good score, you can apply.

    It is important to remember that such certificates as TOEFL and IELTS are valid for 2 years only and you`ll have to take the exam again if you want to confirm your language competence at a certain level. However, Cambridge Assessment English certificates do not have an expiry date.

    You should also remember to specify all the requirements, as some universities or colleges may refuse to acknowledge the certificate you got 10 years ago.

International Exams Centre - Grade Education Centre is a company that can help you at any of the stages mentioned.

We are ready to advise as much as you need and test you free of charge to enroll in one of our courses. Taking a diagnostic English test gives us the opportunity to understand if you still need to learn the language or you can already begin preparation for the exam.

TOEFL and most of the Cambridge Assessment English tests are computer-based, as official test Centre (TOEFL: license STN11003A, Cambridge: license UA007) we guarantee the best conditions for taking exams: comfortable individual workstations with partitions, new equipment, qualified personnel of the test Centre.

Grade Education Centre is Official Pre-Testing IELTS Centre 4215 in cooperation with British Council that provides our students with a convenient way to register for the exam (directly on our website) and the lowest price for taking the exam in Ukraine.

Our centre is the biggest in Kyiv and our specialists are the most qualified all over Ukraine, there are no issues they cannot deal with. Thousands of students ensure exam preparation process and prefer taking exams in a comfortable way with Grade Education Centre every year.

Passing even the most difficult English tests is just a piece of cake with us.