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University of Oxford Philosophy Test (PHIL)

Test in philosophy is paper-based and lasts 60 minutes. It is for candidates who plan to study on an integrated course in Philosophy and Theology of Oxford university.

This test checks the skills of philosophical reasoning. Having formal education in philosophy isn’t a necessary condition for a successful pass; it’s not an achievement philosophy test.

Typical tasks are comprehension exercises; it is also implied to write a short essay or an answer to a structured question. A delivery of precise and elaborate reasoning, which answers directly to a stated question, is highly assessed. Answers which stipulate and may respond to a denial of a stated reasoning are especially encouraged. Statements without necessary evidences or arguments for their benefit and also those which don’t have a direct relationship to a stated question are not encouraged.

Key dates

Registration begins on September 1, 2018

Registration ends on October 14, 2018

Test date is October 31, 2018

Test costs 2,900 uah