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Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA)

TSA is a test assessing critical thinking skills and problem-solving. Students, who take TSA, don’t have to familiarize themselves with special texts or theory as, first of all, they will be assessed according to their critical and logical thinking.

TSA test is used by universities for selection of students. It checks general academic intelligence, which is applicable to a wide range of courses from Geography to Politics.

At the moment TSA is used by a big number of educational establishments, including University of Oxford, University College London (UCL), and University of Cambridge.

TSA Format

Part 1. Problem-solving and critical thinking


Abstract problem-solving skills, including spacing;
critical thinking and reasoning

Number of questions

50 multiple-choice questions


90 minutes

Part2. Writing task


Ability to organize ideas and develop them effectively in a written form

Number of questions

an essay (1 out of 4 topics)


30 minutes

Key dates

Registration begins on September 1, 2018

Registration ends on October 14, 2018

Test date is October 31, 2018

Online results are on January 14, 2019

Test costs 2,900 uah