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Cambridge English




Английский для детей

CELTA and Delta

Teacher Training Centre

Admissions tests

Английский для подростков

Корпоративный английский

Подготовка к YLE, FCE, CAE, CPE

Курсы английского языка

Преподаватель английского языка Крис Биллос

Chris Billos


University of New Mexico, USA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

Certificates and Awards

CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)
Active participant of Cambridge English webinars for teachers


  1. Илья Щедрый says:

    TOEFL — 100

  2. Олеся Мельник says:

    В цьому місяці вперше склала TOEFL iBT і отримала 106. Складала в Anyway Plus. Усе дуже добре і якісно, окрім, на жаль, найголовнішого: навушників, які зовсім не блокували звук ззовні. Своїм результатом дуже задоволена! За нього вдячна Крісу, з яким ми провели десять індивідуальних занять. Цього вистачило, щоб я дізналася все про Тоефл, що може знадобитися, і перестала боятися іспиту. Кріс — чудовий вчитель і дуже приємна людина, з ним комфортно спілкуватися, тому я дуже рада, що потрапила на заняття саме до нього. Уроки з ним можу порадити всім, хто хоче підготуватися до іспиту чи просто покращити рівень англійської.

  3. Кристина says:

    Недавно сдавала TOEFL iBT и набрала 92 бала, что на 2 бала выше, нежели требования большинства Европейских вузов. Хорошим результатом, я обязана Grade, в частности Крису Билосу. Индивидуальный подход преподавателя и разнообразие уроков очень стимулирует. В лице Криса я приобрела незаменимого наставника и отличного друга. Тем, кто нацелен на достижение максимального результата и получения позитива от свободного общения, я бы советовала Grade без зазрения совести.

  4. Морковина Юлия says:

    Chris is an awesome teacher. During the course I improved my knowledge and believe that I am completely ready to take TOEFL. Thank you, Chris.

  5. Куменский Сергей says:

    Great course, excellent atmosphere in class! Chris has done a brilliant job of raising my level of formal and informal English!!! The textbook provides a good structure of the main topics.

  6. Козловская Юлия says:

    Now after finishing the curse I feel completely satisfied and sufficiently confident to take TOEFL. The structure of the course, the teaching methods and materials have entirely met my expectations. In particular, our teacher is very talented and an inborn educator. I like the way he taught us very much. Thank you, Chris!

  7. Анастасия Боброва says:

    I was taking preparation for TOEFL (iBT) course and I had the best teacher ever — Chris Billos))) When I received my results (102) I was not surprised, because Chris prepared me perfectly! It was a great pleasure for me to attend Chris lessons! He told us many tips about TOEFl, he taught, how to write essay and how not to be scare about Speaking part) Moreover, Chris organized classes very well; he always created some interesting exercises to improve out vocabulary and English speaking skills! In conclusion, I recommend everybody who wants to pass TOEFL and get high results to attend Chris classes! Thank you, Chris Billos!!

  8. Oksana Vitriak says:

    Thank you so much, it was a really cool course. Chris always helped and answered all our questions. The atmosphere during classes was very friendly. Chris always gave us helpful tips. I hope that I’ll pass my exam. And I’ll definitely recommend your center to all my friends.

  9. Kyrylo Muliarchuk says:

    The course was very interesting. Teacher gave us all the information needed about TOEFL exam.

  10. Anastasiia Mamoshuk says:

    This course was very useful for me. I had an opportunity to learn about the test’s structure and about all hints that will be necessary to pass the exam. During classes we practiced a lot and now I feel more confident about passing this exam.

  11. Шпарук Анастасия says:

    Personally, I enjoyed this TOEFL class very much. I think it will really help me to pass the exam. I also liked our teacher very much. I truly think it is great when you feel relaxed in a conversation with a teacher. Even though I have fear of public speaking, it was easy to talk to him. He is also very positive and explains everything very clearly.

  12. Vlad Yaremov says:

    Everything was good. My duty now is just keep practicing.

  13. Николаева Ирина says:

    First of all, I would like to say that the classes were really comfortable, interesting and helpful. In my opinion, it will be better to comment on the effectiveness of the course after I pass the exam, but now I am not afraid of it. We have learned some strategies for doing our best during the exam. Chris is a really good and understanding teacher and I think I will advise this course with him as a teacher to my friends. Everything was great :) Thanks!

  14. Kateryna Frolenko says:

    I really enjoyed the time spent here and, of course, I did value all the knowledge I received from our good teacher — Chris. TOEFL exam is a great challenge even for people with deep knowledge of language, as it requires additional skills which can only be improved by constant work and efforts. Thanks to Grade Center I feel more confident about results. It was a great experience not only because of the wonderful course, but also because of the best teacher.

  15. Кесь-Ковальская Влада says:

    I really enjoyed this course. It was very helpful for me. Everything was very useful and understandable. The teacher was great. I think I made good progress. I am going to recommend it to my friends.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I think that course was very useful for me and I hope to get 100 points at test. Chris is a very good teacher. He is patient, easy-going, pays attention to all students, he always comes in time and really interested in his job.

  17. Кутлахметова Мария says:

    I really liked this course as I have gained a lot of knowledge, got more prepared for TOEFL, met great people, improved my English and had lots of fun. Thank you :)

  18. Хромова Альбина says:

    This TOEFL course really helped me. Now I feel much more confident about my results. The materials are quite good, especially the strategy for dealing with all kinds of questions. The teacher is really great. His explanations are always useful and easy to understand. I think I will advise the course to my friends, since they are really helpful and I made progress in a short period of time.

  19. El-Hozhayri Maksimilian says:

    Thanks to Chris I understood the main aspects of taking TOEFL test. He simply tends to know the main points on which a student must focus. Even though there were 7 students in the group, he always managed to help each one individually. His main strategy is not to load us with study materials, but to carefully explain step by step what we have to do. Thanks to him, I can now take TOEFL, as he taught me the way to approach it easily.

  20. Скрипкина Елена says:

    The whole process was perfectly organized and I was able to get as much specific information regarding the test as I needed. Moreover, doing practice tasks at almost every class helps to understand the way our future exam will be held.

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