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Даю согласие на обработку моих персональных даных с целью определения уровня английского языка и предоставления других образовательных услуг



Наш менеджер свяжется с вами в ближайшее время.

Дарина Луговская

Дарина Луговская

Teacher: General & Business English, IELTS


  • Киевский национальный университет имени Т.Г.Шевченко, институт филологии (Бакалавр филологии: английский язык и литература, перевод)

Сертификаты и награды

  • CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)
  • Delta (Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults, modules 1, 2 & 3)
  • LCCI First Certificate for Teachers of Business English (FTBE)

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  1. Vasyl 18.01.2019

    Hi everybody. I’ve recently finished an Upper-Intermediate Level course in the Grade School and I want to share my humble opinion about this school. I’m sure it is useful for those guys who are worrying about the quality of their education. The most common quality determinants of education are the place of studying and the qualified teachers. Well, I’d strongly recommend the Grade School because it sorts well with these 2 determinants here up.
    The main treasure of every school is well-qualified teachers. A teacher of our group was Daryna Luhovska. Only words of appreciation spring my mind when I think about her classes. In spite of the fact that I’m not good at studying English, she was able to inspire me to study with great pleasure. Her classes were extremely interesting and really useful. She paid attention to each person during our studying. She set up new funny games and difficult tasks. During each lesson there was very nice and friendly atmosphere. All my mistakes were noticed and fixed by her. I didn’t even notice how my knowledge had gone up. It’s unbelievable feeling! Now, I’m confident about my English knowledge. It’s fair to say that she is a big time teacher. And I’m a little sad that our course is over. To sum up, the Grade School gives you a guaranteed knowledge of English.

  2. Sergii 28.01.2018

    I would like to pay tribute to Grade center and Daryna Luhovska for amazing and effective lessons. Never before have I had such an interesting and useful English lessons. Truth be told, learning English is a hard work for me, nevertheless, thanks to Daryna, lessons were realy enjoyable and effective. Despite that at C1 level grammar and vocabular are thought to be complicated, Daryna explaines difficult things in easy way, illustrates rules with examples, which was very helpful for me to understand the grammar. Her lessons were very interactive and jolly, while she was always well-prepared (unlike studens:)) and led the lessons very proffecionally. One more thing is that her English is perfect, all questions were answered, a lot of examples were given to make clear any difficult material. Revising all my writing tasks, i see significant changes and progress in my English, moreover i feel more confident in terms of speaking. During the course I was looking forward for the next lesson, and now the only sad moment is that the course is over. To make a long story short, I want to say big thanks to Daryna Luhovska and Grade center. Highly recomnded for those who want to improve their English

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