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Ярославов Вал, 13/2-б
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Даю согласие на обработку моих персональных даных с целью определения уровня английского языка и предоставления других образовательных услуг



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Classroom management with young learners finished

Calendar icon 7 December 2018
Clock icon 18:30 – 20:00
Classroom management with young learners
13/2-b Yaroslaviv Val, Kyiv
250 ₴
Лидия Симак
Young Learners Academic Director /
Teacher: General English, Young Learners
Cambridge English: PET, FCE, CELT-P/S, International Speaking Examiner

When someone describes a good teacher of English, they usually mention having a perfect accent, the ability to use a variety of methods and techniques in their lessons, and personal qualities such as kindness or sense of humour to establish a good rapport with the class.

However, none of the mentioned above works if a teacher cannot manage the class effectively. A brilliant task will not go smoothly without clear instructions or if the learners’ attention is lost in the middle. Being able to react immediately and adequately to anything that might happen during the lesson is an essential skill.

That is why classroom management principles and techniques are so important, especially when we teach young learners. I’d like to share the tips and techniques of effective classroom management that I use in my work.

All workshop participants will receive certificates of attendance at the end of the workshop.

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