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CELTA and Delta

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Подготовка к YLE, FCE, CAE, CPE

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How to teach IELTS Productive Skills (Writing and Speaking)

How to teach IELTS Productive Skills
  • November 25–26, 2017
  • 10:00–17:00
The Writing sessions will focus on the following:
  • Exam requirements for Academic and General Training tasks
  • Understanding visuals and problems for students
  • IELTS letters: what and how?
  • Practice writing exam tasks
  • Approach to teaching Writing task 1
  • Essay types and tasks
  • Typical student difficulties and strategies for successful essay writing
  • Writing essay practice
  • How to teach IELTS essays
  • Assessment criteria + score boosting strategies
The Speaking session will focus on the following:
  • What is IELTS Speaking: parts and purposes
  • Parts 1,2,3 - topics, prompts and responses
  • Problems and solutions: how to get higher bands?
  • Approach to teaching IELTS Speaking
  • Assessment and exam practice
Fee: 1599
Materials: free for course participants
Certificates: issued
Tutor: Andrii Pigariev

Delta (Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults, all modules)

IELTS Certified Trainer by IELTS Principal Examiner Andrew Thomas

International Speaking Examiner

CELTA trainer

IELTS (8.5)

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