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Даю согласие на обработку моих персональных даных с целью определения уровня английского языка и предоставления других образовательных услуг



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How to teach IELTS Productive Skills (Writing and Speaking) finished

Calendar icon 25 — 26 November 2017
Clock icon 10:00 – 17:00
How to teach IELTS Productive Skills (Writing and Speaking)
13/2-b Yaroslaviv Val, Kyiv
1599 ₴
Андрей Пигарев
Academic Director
Teacher: IELTS, General English, TOEFL
Cambridge English: PET, FCE, CAE, YLE
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The Writing sessions will focus on the following:
  • Exam requirements for Academic and General Training tasks
  • Understanding visuals and problems for students
  • IELTS letters: what and how?
  • Practice writing exam tasks
  • Approach to teaching Writing task 1
  • Essay types and tasks
  • Typical student difficulties and strategies for successful essay writing
  • Writing essay practice
  • How to teach IELTS essays
  • Assessment criteria + score boosting strategies
The Speaking session will focus on the following:
  • What is IELTS Speaking: parts and purposes
  • Parts 1,2,3 — topics, prompts and responses
  • Problems and solutions: how to get higher bands?
  • Approach to teaching IELTS Speaking
  • Assessment and exam practice

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  1. Svitlana Bossovich 28.11.2017

    It was truly educational, well-organized and interesting! Many thanks to Andrii Pigariev for the hard work and enthusiasm :) Looking forward to new workshops!

  2. Olena Rozvodovska 28.11.2017

    Thank you for an awesome two days – literally the best two days of content in any course/seminar I’ve been to. I am thankful for having the opportunity to attend the workshop and hope to attend another again.

  3. Elena Krokhmaliuk 28.11.2017

    The workshop clarified a lot of aspects and gave encouragement on further work in the terms of exam preparation issues. It was very informative and helpful. The teacher is awesome!

  4. Kateryna Demchenko 28.11.2017

    I liked the organization, information presented, pleasant tutor. The time spent on the workshop was fantastic! People from other cities can participate if it is on weekend. By the way, the application procedure is quick and easy.

  5. Anonymous 27.11.2017

    I would recommend this workshop as it provides sufficient information about Writing & Speaking. It also helps to find the right focus in teaching these skills to students. It’s beneficial in terms of teaching and assessing. It would be great if you could run such workshops more frequently.

  6. Tathagata Chattopadhyay 27.11.2017

    Yes, I would definitely recommend this workshop to my friends. The amount of effort and the methodology used by Andrew were commendable.

  7. Volodymyr Sinievych 27.11.2017

    It was the best value workshop I’ve ever attended: structured, clear.

  8. Svitlana Bosovych 27.11.2017

    Yes, I would recommend this workshop. The main reason is that there are tons of resources, and it requires a substantial research to find a good one. At the workshop, we dealt with the most effective procedure not covered in any book. Everything is excellent and the tutor is well-prepared.

  9. Anonymous 27.11.2017

    Marvellous! Well-structured! Perfect balance of theory and practice. I’m stealing a lot of ideas for my lessons of general English There was so much useful and necessary information that would help not only IELTS teachers, but those who work with other Cambridge exams.

  10. Anonymous 26.11.2017

    Definitely yes, because the workshop was informative, interesting, and there is an opportunity to share experience. Andrew is really proficient, experienced.

  11. Yana Stepanova 19.11.2017

    I would definitely recommend this workshop to my colleagues! It was very intense and productive. Our trainer managed not only to introduce receptive skills, but explained us their peculiarities and shared with some strategies on how to cope with these tasks. The organisational aspect of work: pair work, group work, as well as the materials presented, were relevant and useful. The atmosphere was pleasant and inspiring.

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