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TKT Module 1 preparation

TKT Module 2
  • 10:00 - 15:00
  • 11.11.2018

TKT Module 1 is an exam which is designed to confirm your knowledge of essentials of the structure of language and background to language learning and teaching. In this workshop we’re going to get acquainted with the task types which you might encounter when taking this exam, and discuss strategies for tackling those tasks. We will also revise key terminology and do exam-style tasks related to the following areas of teaching:
— the structure of language, its systems and skills
— factors underpinning the learning of English
— materials, task types and activities used in English language teaching and learning.

All workshop participants will receive certificates of attendance at the end of the workshop

13/2-b Yaroslaviv Val, Kyiv

UAH 600
Tutor — Kateryna Protsenko

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