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Ярославов Вал, 13/2-б
  Золотые Ворота


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Даю согласие на обработку моих персональных даных с целью определения уровня английского языка и предоставления других образовательных услуг



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TKT Essentials Preparation Training finished

Calendar icon 16 June 2018
Clock icon 10:00 – 17:00
TKT Essentials Preparation Training
13/2-b Yaroslaviv Val, Kyiv
799 ₴
Мария Макаренко
Teacher: General & Business English
Cambridge English: PET, FCE, YLE, KET
Part 1 – 10:00-13:00
  • Overview of the TKT modules
  • Concepts and terms related to language systems
  • Language skills and sub-skills
  • Motivation and role or error
  • Coffee break (15 mins)
  • Learner characterists and needs
  • Approaches and methods of language teaching
  • Assessment types and task
  • Practice, Q&A
  • Lunch break 13:00-14:00
Part 2 – 14:00-17:00
  • Planning an individual lesson and lesson sequences
  • Use of resources in language teaching
  • Teachers’ language in the classroom
  • Learners’ mistakes and correction techniques
  • Coffee break (15 mins)
  • Teacher roles and responsibilities
  • Interaction patterns and group dynamics
  • Feedback on tasks
  • Practice, Q&A and certificates

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  1. Anonymous 17.07.2018

    I would recommend this workshop to anybody who wants to pass TKT or to start teaching English. The trainer is very nice person; all the materials were taught clear.

  2. Yuliia Ostrovska 16.07.2018

    The workshop is pretty good. We had an opportunity to revise our knowledge and to learn something new. We also practiced in taking the exam.

  3. Anonymous 18.06.2018

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this workshop to a friend or colleague, because it gives fundamental preparation for the exam. It was pretty informative and motivating; the atmosphere was relaxing and friendly. The registration procedure was very convenient.

  4. Anonymous 17.06.2018

    I found out lots of necessary information about the TKT modules as well as some peculiarities of the exam and terminology.

  5. Anonymous 17.06.2018

    The workshop is useful for teachers and helps to understand the structure of the test. It helped to summarise all the knowledge, to understand the procedure and evaluate myself.

  6. Anonymous 17.06.2018

    I would recommend this workshop in order to find out information about the TKT, and to receive practical recommendations. I would like to spend more time doing several tasks related to Module 2.

  7. Nataliia Trushkivska 17.06.2018

    The workshop was very useful. It gave me hands-on experience and boosted my confidence in taking TKT.

  8. Yulia Polosmak 18.02.2018

    The workshop is a quick & effective way to diagnose one’s TKT abilities. If one wants to see where to improve, they should do it in a very friendly atmosphere. I loved the workshop: the structure is clear, the explanations helpful, especially the insights from the tutor’s experience.

  9. Anna Antoniuk 18.02.2018

    I will recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to pass TKT. The workshop itself was total fun, plus developing.

  10. Maryna Bohachova 18.02.2018

    It helped me to get the basis of the TKT test, and sample tests were helpful.

  11. Dima Delengivsky 17.02.2018

    I’d recommend this workshop as it’s a great way to refresh (or learn) everything you’ve been taught at university concerning pedagogics.

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