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Celta Tutor Missy Blanchard

Missy Blanchard


BA from Fordham University


CELTA, DELTA Trainer with over 8 years of training experience

Missy Blanchard, who trained on two CELTA courses at Grade Education Centre in the fall of 2014 will be returning for the 2015 summer CELTA programs. Missy has a BA from Fordham University as well as a certificate in TESL. She holds a DELTA Diploma in Teaching English to Adults and is an approved CELTA Assessor. In 2013, she set up the initial University of Texas CELTA program in Austin, Texas and then returned to freelancing as a CELTA tutor, assessor and consultant.

Missy spent last summer in the Middle East where she worked on courses in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. While in Beirut, she was invited by USAID to train members of its organizations in ‘Participant Engagement’. “Many of the skills and techniques used in ensuring that Participants are engaged in information sessions delivered by USAID, are similar to those used in the ESL classroom to ensure learner engagement”, Blanchard says.

Lebanon and Ukraine are just a few of the many locations where Missy has trained new teachers on the CELTA. A few of the other centers include: Southern Cross University in Quito, Ecuador; Language Link in Beijing, China; South East European University in Tetova; Macedonia; Akcent International House, Prague, Czech Republic; The British Counsel in Cairo, Egypt and Dhaka, Bangladesh; International House in Bogotá, Columbia; Dubai, UAE; Belfast, Northern Ireland and Barcelona, Spain.

Besides training new teachers on countless CELTA courses, Missy has taught and tutored ESL in France, the US, and Canada. She has developed curriculum and organized and presented a variety of training workshops. She has trained ESL teachers to teach Life Skills and Presentation Skills courses to advanced learners and has worked as a consultant for the ESL department at Neighborhood Centers Inc. in Houston, Texas.

Missy has a wide range of interests. In her free time she enjoys going to the theater, seeing films, reading and running. In the 80s, she studied dance and performed in New York and was a member of Actors Equity Association and the Screen Actors Guild. She has completed two New York City Marathons. Be it for work or pleasure, Missy loves to travel and has visited over 60 countries. She and her husband of eight years have toured several countries by motorcycle. Her favorites countries are those with port cities where she enjoys exploring markets and souks, searching for textiles to add to her collection.

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