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Ярославів Вал, 13/2-б
  Золоті Ворота


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The city

Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, is a very nice place to spend a month or two during your CELTA course. It’s the 8th largest city in Europe and one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe. It was founded at the end of 5th century and we believe you’ll love its incredible historical center.

You can find a lot of useful and interesting information about Kyiv, its history and main sightseeing at Wikipedia as well: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kiev.

Accommodation and living

The average price for staying in a hostel, which is just a 10-minute walk away from our teacher training center and the city center, is about €250 for 30 days for a twin or double room.

Actually, you can even find an apartment equipped with everything you need for the same price. Also, you can stay at a hotel for €350 a month for a single room or about €500 for a double one.

Just check www.booking.com and Google maps to look around and search. And for sure we’d be happy to help you find accommodation.

And for sure we’d be happy to help you find accommodation.

Prices for food at all the supermarkets and groceries are approximately the same as in the rest of Europe. In Kyiv you can have a fast-food meal for €3-5 or a dinner at a restaurant for about €10-15.

One subway or bus ride will cost you about 15-20 cents and taxi ride here is from €2 to €6.

Peace and calmness

It’s been peaceful and safe in Kyiv for several months already in spite of what you’ve probably heard about it recently. And yes, there was a revolution here, but it’s over and the city center is&