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Курси англійської мови

Effective and essential teaching techniques that we tend to forget about in everyday classrooms

  • May 30–31, 2015
  • 10:00–17:00
  • 10:00–11:30, A long and exciting way in the history of language teaching methodology
  • 11:30–13:00, What can we borrow from each famous teaching approach or method?
  • 13:00–14:00, Lunch
  • 14:00–15:30, Living in the age of Communicative Approach. Using coursebooks effectively
  • 15:30–17:00, What is necessary to remember at the outset of one's course or a lesson?
  • 10:00–11:30, Lesson routine. What we usually forget to do. The techniques you might not have heard about
  • 11:30–13:00, Classroom management — another helping hand in diversifying the lesson's flow and fostering a better atmosphere in class
  • 13:00–14:00, Lunch
  • 14:00–17:00, Some of our individually created teaching techniques that we would like to share with you and help you practice them. Q/A and feedback.
Fee: 1499 UAH
Free study materials!
Participants receive certificates of attendance
Tutors: Natalia Luchytska, Anfisa Matochkina, Myroslava Tyha and Svitlana Bulkina

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