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Даю згоду на обробку моїх персональних даних з метою визначення рівня англійської мови та надання інших освітніх послуг



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How to teach IELTS Receptive skills (Reading and Listening) finished

Calendar icon 17 — 18 November 2018
Clock icon 10:00 – 17:00
How to teach IELTS Receptive skills (Reading and Listening)
13/2-b Yaroslaviv Val, Kyiv
1599 ₴
Андрій Пігарєв
Academic Director
Teacher: IELTS, General English, TOEFL
Cambridge English: PET, FCE, CAE, YLE
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The Reading session will focus on the following:
  • How to read for exams
  • Section basics: Academic and General Training
  • Question types and passages
  • Trying things out: reading practice
  • Approach to teaching and planning Reading lessons
  • Potential problems and solutions to them
  • Exam day strategies
The Listening sessions will focus on the following:
  • Everyday and exam Listening
  • IELTS Listening: sections, passages and traps
  • Recognising question types
  • Practicing exam tasks
  • Approach to teaching IELTS Listening
  • Typical problems and how to avoid/solve them
  • Tips and strategies

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  1. Anonymous 19.03.2018

    I would definitely recommend this workshop since the information is sorted out and presented in a logical way with the explanation of unfamiliar methods and techniques of teaching.

  2. Olha Kutsa 19.03.2018

    The lecturer was supportive and knowledgeable, clearly explained the structure of Reading and Listening parts, as well as how to deal with students’ challenges, which was really helpful.

  3. Galyna Boiko 19.03.2018

    The workshop touches upon the main aspects of dealing with Listening and Reading parts of the exam, which I found really useful for teaching IELTS as well as for my own preparation for the test.

  4. Tetiana Kapitova 18.03.2018

    I will recommend this workshop as it is informative, detailed and rather effective.

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