Certificate in English Language Teaching — Secondary

CELT-S is a course from Cambridge Assessment English for teachers of English who are teaching or planning to teach children aged 11 through 18. This is a trustworthy and famous around the world qualification, which certifies the level of your professionalism in the area of teaching secondary learners.

CELT-S qualification is a wonderful opportunity to get and update your knowledge and skills of teaching secondary learners through a combination of online study and observed teaching practice under the guidance of experienced trainers, and to get an official certificate from Cambridge.


CELT-P/S courses are no longer offered as a part of Cambridge Assessment English.

Course format

  • 8 online modules (120 hours)

    Learning happens through an online platform developed by Cambridge Assessment English, which includes watching video-lectures, reading articles, completing mini-tests and other tasks

  • 24 hours of practical seminars (input sessions)

    Here you can extend your knowledge and apply practically the material learned on the online platform. Sessions are delivered by our experienced Cambridge authorised CELT-S trainers

  • 8 practical written tasks (portfolio)

    Participants have to plan and deliver a lesson focusing on the topic of the online module, create a lesson plan and do a self-evaluation of the delivered lesson. The tasks are assessed by one of our CELT-S trainers who also gives feedback on each task

  • 3 teaching practice lessons

    The lessons last 40 to 60 minutes and are observed and assessed by one of the CELT-S trainers from Grade Education Centre. All participants get oral and written feedback with practical ideas and recommendations on further progress

CELT-S course from Grade Education Centre is part of the Grade Teacher, which bears the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. It is therefore included into compulsory hours of professional development for teachers of English.


Course video presentation

Online modules

Module topics

The course consists of 8 online modules which cover 8 key topics:

  • 1.Classroom management in the secondary classroom
  • 2. Language learning and the teenage learner
  • 3. Teaching language skills
  • 4. Language awareness for teaching
  • 5. Teaching language in the secondary classroom
  • 6. Planning language learning in the secondary context
  • 7. Language learning resources and materials for the secondary classroom
  • 8. Assessing language learning in the secondary context

Lesson structure

Each online module has a number of lessons, which all have the following structure:

  • An introduction to the topic
  • Learning activities
  • Activities that check learning
  • Activities that focus on practical classroom applications
  • A review of what has been learned
  • A short multiple-choice test to check progress
  • Materials for further reading

Practical seminars (input sessions)

Every module includes a practical seminar, which is delivered by one of our authorised CELT-S trainers.

These seminars are aimed at activating the knowledge and skills acquired by participants during their online study. By means of the seminars, candidates are provided with an opportunity to focus on their own context, discuss problems inside a class and work together on their progress, and share the latest experience.

Methodology used in the seminars provide examples of good practice which can be applied by candidates in their classroom.

Portfolio tasks

Each module finishes with a practical task, which requires participants to apply in context what they have learned during the online study.

In order to complete seven of these tasks, participants have to study the online materials of the course, take into account their students’ needs and deliver a lesson using a chosen technique, resource or task. After delivering the lesson, the participant submits their lesson plan with arguments and evaluation of their own practice.

One of the portfolio tasks involves research in the area of language, which is relevant for the contest of the participant’s current class.

All tasks are assessed by a CELT-S trainer from Grade Education Centre, after which participants receive written feedback through the online platform.

Teaching practice

All course participants deliver three lessons with their own classes under the observation of a trainer at their workplace.

Observation of the first two lessons is optional formal assessment: participants receive feedback from their trainers with advice and recommendations on areas to be improved further. Both types of assessment are aimed at:

  • Preparing, monitoring and giving feedback on a communicative pair or group speaking activity
  • Preparation, delivery and assessment of classroom activities adapted for the strongest and weakest students

Observation of the third lesson is compulsory for all course participants who want to obtain CELT-S qualification. There are no requirements as for the aim of this assessment.

Get three certificates at once!

Upon the course completion, participants can receive 3 certificates — passing TKT (if they haven’t taken it earlier), CELT-S certificate from Cambridge and Grade certificate issued in line with all the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine including hours of professional development.


To receive CELT-S certificate, course participants have to:

  • Complete all tasks in all the online modules
  • Complete all 8 portfolio tasks
  • Deliver at least one lesson from teaching practice with observation and assessment under the guidance of a CELT-P trainer
  • Pass TKT Module 1 exam from Cambridge Assessment English (participants who already have this certificate do not have to take the exam again)

Course schedule and duration

CELT-S course includes 120 hours of online study and 24 hours of practical seminars with trainers and groupmates.

The course lasts for 6 months, so you can plan to cope with your workload at a comfortable pace. Manage your time in such a way as to devote 7–12 hours per week to working with the platform, completing portfolio tasks and planning lessons for teaching practice.

Input sessions are conducted once a month on Sundays, so they should not interfere with your regular workload.

Lesson schedule for observation and assessment by trainers is agreed individually with each candidate.

Requirements for candidates

  • B1 level of English or higher according to CEFR. This can be proved either by sitting an exam at Grade Education Centre in advance, or by providing an international certificate
  • While doing the course participants need to have an opportunity to teach to schoolchildren (aged 11–18) in a secondary public or private school
  • Participants need to familiarize themselves with the technical requirements and have the skills necessary for the online component of the course, as well as have enough time to complete the course

To register for CELT-S, it is necessary to:

  • Send your application for the course
  • Do a language test or provide a certificate proving at least B1 level of English
  • Fill in the course application form
  • Pay for the course