Yuliia Chorna

Webinar Speaker

Yuliia is an experienced educator who has been teaching General, Business English, and exam preparation since 2007. She holds CELTA (2016) and completed DELTA Module 1 (2019). Her teaching career has spanned universities, public primary schools, and private language schools in Ukraine and Thailand.
Currently, Yulia is the Inspirator and Project & Business Development Manager for Grade University, an innovative online self-study platform for English teachers developed by Grade Education Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine. She is also actively involved in organising international ELT conferences.
Yuliia’s passion lies in finding solutions to the challenges faced by teachers, focusing on making their professional lives more efficient and rewarding. She promotes continuous professional development and inspires others to pursue their educational growth.
Outside of work, Yuliia enjoys travelling, exploring history, and staying updated on the latest advancements in technology. Her hobbies reflect her dedication to lifelong learning and her love for both travel and technology.


  • Ternopil V. Hnatiuk National Pegadodical University, MA (English and German philology)


  • DELTA Module 1
  • CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)
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