Alastair Grant

Workshop speaker

Alastair Grant is a distinguished figure in the field of education, serving as an experienced teacher trainer, academic director, ELT author, and public speaker. Currently, he holds the position of Head of English at Colegio Nuevo de Las Lomas in Buenos Aires, while also contributing significantly to the evaluation and assessment unit at the Ministry of Education for the City of Buenos Aires.
Alastair's commitment extends to his role as a teacher trainer for International House Montevideo, overseeing the Cambridge DELTA 1 teaching diploma, and as the main course tutor for the Cambridge DELTA 3 teaching diploma at International House Mexico.
Alastair is also the co-founder of the We’re All in This Together teacher development project, which was set up to support teachers worldwide during the Covid-19 pandemic.
In 2022, Alastair founded the Together for Ukraine teacher development project, a series of free talks and webinars to support teachers from Ukraine.


  • University of Warwick, UK (English Literature and Philosophy)


  • International House Certificate of Advanced Methodology
  • Cambridge DELTA (All Modules)
  • Cambridge Train the Trainer Certificate
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