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Наш менеджер свяжется с вами в ближайшее время.

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Latest feedback from our clients

  1. Grade 11.09.2018
    CELTA Summer 2018

    video comment

  2. Grade 5.09.2018
    CELTA Summer 2018

    video comment

  3. Grade 5.09.2018
    CELTA Summer 2018

    video comment

  4. Etoga Edzoa Sedrick 5.09.2018
    CELTA August 2018

    The course was a great success with lots of practical information. I had an awesome experience which definitely helped make me a better teacher with better teaching. The input sessions were very useful with lots of practical examples. The teaching evaluations and feedback were clear, helpful. On the written assignments they were clear and helpful with examples to look from which helped in doing the assignments. I had enough helpful and clear support from my tutors. They were always ready to answer my questions. I had great response to my enquiries and a good arrangement of my interview.

  5. Anonymous 4.09.2018
    CELTA August 2018

    I felt that each tutor had a very different preference how classes should be conducted so it became very confusing. Also biases played a factor. Tutors would comment a flow of mine, but not for other group mates. I am American and I was made to feel like I don`t know English because everything was “English standard” but this concept isn`t practical in ESL classes. I believe that CELTA is a modern form of Colonisation. Please acknowledge that English is fluid. This concept was acknowledged in an input so why can`t CELTA accept to promote diversity.

  6. Anonymous 4.09.2018
    CELTA August 2018

    Grade Education Centre is a nice fully-equipped school with all the facilities for trainees and all the students. Frankly speaking the course was extremely useful and inspirational. Personally, all the tutors are super –duper professional. The inputs were useful and included a great amount of practice, which we could apply in our own TPs. Before the course, I had a clear idea of what to teach and what teacher I want to become. After the course, I know how to become that kind of teacher.

  7. Anonymous 3.09.2018
    CELTA August 2018

    In general I am absolutely satisfied with the course, tutors , administration. Tutors support was really helpful, they tried to help us to achieve our goals, however it`s not really fair when the amount of help differs from one student to another.. Some inputs were a bit unclear.

    I really wanted some extra clarifications. In the written assignments everything is pretty clear, if you follow the instructions, you`ll manage it. Teaching evaluation, varies from one tutor to another, it seems to me, that should be more standard. However, I believe that our tutors did their best to teach us and evaluated fairly and rather clear. I am happy to be a part of the CELTA course. Thanks a lot to all that team that worked with us, I`m really sure they are brilliant.

  8. Mariia Solodilova 2.09.2018
    CELTA August 2018

    Those four weeks were pretty challenging and intense. Inputs were clear and helpful, however I was pretty tired during the last two weeks, so I probably have to go through all the handouts one more time to revise and remember important things. Teaching evaluation and feedback – helpful and clear. However every tutor`s approach is a bit different (from one another).

    So, I guess in order to succeed in this course you have to work hard, listen carefully to all the information given to you and absorb as much as you can. And at the same time not to forget apply all your theoretical skills in practice. Because only then your Ss benefit from your classes.

  9. Antonina Reus 2.09.2018
    CELTA August 2018

    I am glad I`ve chosen this place:
    good location
    helpful and supportive tutors
    useful and practical inputs
    I`d recommend Grade to other teachers planning to do CELTA.

  10. Olga Petrova 1.09.2018
    CELTA August 2018

    The course was very useful, I found what I wanted. I can recommend Grade to other teachers who would like to take the CELTA. Everything was great, although I think that some inputs could have been given in a different form (e.g. some home reading + a short task), to save time for more practical tasks. For me, evaluation and feedback were fair and helpful.

  11. Andrii Ivanov 1.09.2018
    CELTA August 2018

    I`ve had a great, tiring, challenging, useful four weeks at Grade Education Centre. I think the organization was great, lots of help, smooth process, friendly and helpful people. I experienced no problems during the whole course. Our days started with teaching where tutors were assessing us. After that we had feedbacks which were organized wisely to guide us and help focus on the main aspects of our teaching. We received our feedbacks with evaluation. I mostly agree with all the marks I was awarded and in general I received a detailed feedback on my lesson. The comments the tutor left were quite fair and helpful, though sometimes disputable.

    Inputs were useful, sometimes challenging. All of them focused on practical use of the material presented. Personally for me, they were not always informative, there could have been more information. Comments on my written assignments were short, clear, fair and helpful. I can say nothing critical about tutors help, they were always available, ready to help, very clear and gave you as much help as you needed.

  12. Anonymous 31.08.2018
    CELTA August 2018

    First of all, thank your hard work. To my mind, it was really good to find out smth new. It could be even better if we had an opportunity to observe the lessons focusing on all aspects – grammar, vocabulary, reading, speaking , writing. All in complex.

  13. Anonymous 16.08.2018
    CELTA July 2018

    It was a challenging course, but I did a great progress. Week 3and 4 were much better and I am happy I didn`t give up, but kept working hard, so achieved good results (at least personal growth). The interview was arranged at the convenient time. I got all information I needed; quick email responses. Most of our tutors were supportive, but their style (including grading style) and approach were way too different. I would appreciate, if all requirements were clear enough for us to understand what we needed to do to get better results and grades, instead of “Think about it…”

  14. Anonymous 15.08.2018
    CELTA July 2018

    Overall experience was good, the atmosphere was warm, yet professional, employees of the grade were very professional as well. Input was useful, even though minimal (considering the limit of the time). Teaching evaluation and feedback was clear, very helpful, but sometimes felt too critical and detail-oriented, even though it helped to learn a lot and progress, it also demotivated a little. I loved the assignments. I wish I had more time for them. Tutor`s support was great, but the style highly depends on a tutor. I would have chosen to do the CELTA course here again.

  15. Anonymous 14.08.2018
    CELTA July 2018

    I think I benefited a lot from the Course and I am going to use everything I learnt during my further teaching. Input sessions were practical and useful. Teaching evaluation and feedback was clear and helpful, concentrating on strengths and action points. Comment on written assignments were short and clear. We had enough of tutors’ support, they were always available when we needed them. Response to initial enquiry was immediate. The interview was not very long to the point. After the interview I received all the information needed for the course by e-mail.

  16. Veronika Kosiak 14.08.2018
    CELTA July 2018

    Useful course for those who has no teaching experience to acquire one. Useful for those who already have experience to structurize their knowledge. But I do believe people with no experience shouldn`t be accessed with some criteria which we use for accessing people who have been working using Cambridge methodology for 8 years. That`s nonsense. If I had a chance to decide whether to take the CELTA again or not, I would think twice. (But probably did it anyway.

  17. Maryna Busygina 13.08.2018
    CELTA July 2018

    I had had an experience with the Grade Education Centre prior to the CELTA course. I took my CAE exam here and both the exam and the CELTA course were well- organized. The inputs were very useful, practical and interesting. The ambience in the classroom was great. Teaching evaluation and feedback was always clear, fair and helpful. The same goes for the written assignments. Having tutor support was very helpful and motivating. Tutors also praise you for little things if something goes wrong and they motivate you if you feelling a bit down.

  18. Natalia Lobova 13.08.2018
    CELTA July 2018

    The course was incredibly intensive. However, it`s a great idea to spend all your time on studying how to teach during one month. It`s like a “heaven for teachers”.

  19. Stepanishcheva Anastasiia 12.08.2018
    CELTA July 2018

    Tutors influence a lot. There were some differences noticed. Tutors style to work with trainees, giving feedback, level of support during the course differs a lot. Inputs were useful, practical and cool. Teaching evaluation and feedback were critical, helpful, mainly fair.

  20. Steve Hatting 11.08.2018
    CELTA July 2018

    I would definitely recommend (and already have) friends and colleagues to do CELTA here at Grade. The course is very professionally run. I am really glad that I`ve finally done this course.

    The input was useful and reasonable. Personal teacher feedback was always clear, practical, helpful, easy to implement. Comments were also very clear. There was always enough tutor support for questions, guidance.

  21. Nataliya Tarasova 10.08.2018
    CELTA July 2018

    I`ve got great experience, I`m absolutely convinced that I must implement this in my personal practice. All the tutors were supportive and clear. Regarding all administrative procedures, everything was done perfectly well both prior the course and during the course. Everybody was helpful, available upon request, nice and supportive, which was really important.

  22. Serhii Topachevskyi 9.08.2018
    CELTA July 2018

    The course was challenging but very informative. The input was of appropriate level (difficulty) and volume. It was interesting too. I found teaching evaluation and feedback fair, clear and helpful. It was both constructive and positive, which really encouraged to try and make changes to my teaching during the next TP.

    I`ve read and agreed with all the comments on my written assignment. The comments were clear, fair and helpful, when resubmission was needed. The tutors I worked with were very helpful and clear and provided enough support.

    The response to my initial enquiry was very fast and constructive. I got an email with all the necessary information about the course and things I need to do. The interview was arranged with me with consideration of my schedule and at the time that was convenient.

  23. Natalia Kondratieva 8.08.2018
    CELTA July 2018

    Excellent! Although it is demanding and challenging, I definitely benefited from doing this CELTA course. A lot of useful information, supportive, clever and caring tutors, friendly and comfortable atmosphere here gave me the opportunity to develop and improve my teaching skills. Input sessions were very useful, challenging and practical. Teaching evaluation and feedback – clear, fair, helpful, very useful for me. I would recommend CELTA at Grade Centre to other potential teachers.

  24. Anonymous 16.07.2018
    CELTA June 2018

    The course was very rigorous and very useful. It definitely made me a better teacher. I liked most of the inputs. The tutors are helpful, although they expect you to be more independent by the end of the course. Their feedback is the most important thing on the course. I liked the fact that our assignments were checked by a different tutor each time.

  25. Anastasiia Mashtaliar 15.07.2018
    CELTA June 2018

    Unforgettable. Useful. Mind-changing. Comfortable and enjoyable. Everything was very well-managed. Facilities and resources were great. Grade is very comfortable school. Teaching evaluation and feedback was fair critical and helpful but not always clear. There were enough of tutor`s support, although there were situations when I received different answers on the same questions from different tutors.

    I`d be happy if there were more input sessions.

  26. Anonymous 14.07.2018
    CELTA June 2018

    It has been a very intensive productive course for me. Response to initial enquiry as well as to arrangement of my interview was quick. I have been introduced to the best practices in teaching English provided by competent, professional tutors who were very helpful, easy-going and approachable. Our input sessions have been interesting, educative, informative. We got vital information from our tutors, then shared and discussed it in pair/group, which helped to process it better and to get a different opinion. Tutors were very supportive, answered all the questions. If some information was not clear, they simplified it.It was not always easy, sometimes it was really hard, but it was worth spending that month with Grade. More than that, I have built strong relationships with the group and got a great experience in teaching, on the whole.

  27. Bulent Ovet 12.07.2018
    CELTA June 2018

    The course covered every aspect of the teaching art in a very short period of time. It was though and demanding, but we did what we have to do actually. No empty talks, no wasting time, no non-sense. Input was challenging for me. Without the tutor support and understanding I wouldn`t have managed it. Teaching evaluation and comments were all fair and constructive. It was like the very intensive course I did in the army about tanks. The only difference is that we don`t shoot here. The school made us feel comfortable there studying. I don`t have my laptop with me. And I was living in a hostel, so I was lucky that the school let me use these facilities. Even once I was at the school till 00.40! No one even bothered me when I was studying. And the security guy who was sleeping already at that time, had to wake up and let me out. He didn`t even say a word.

  28. Anonymous 11.07.2018
    CELTA June 2018

    This course and Education Centre met all my expectations (except of intensity of the course and pressure with the assignments). Inputs were useful and practical, sometimes challenging. “Before – CELTA” procedure inspires confidence in the reliability of the education centre and proficiency of the tutors. The interview was arranged easily and the post interview administration was very clear and supportive.

  29. Anonymous 10.07.2018
    CELTA June 2018

    Everything was great it was a good experience and I am really grateful for the opportunity of meeting new friends! Response to initial enquiry was very quick. My interview was efficient and straightforward. Post – interview administration was quite good as well. During the course I was emotionally exhausted. My family was in another city and I didn`t manage to visit them, because of the written assignments and lesson plans. I think that a three- week course is more suitable for people as they would be able to devote more time to their family and ordinary life.

  30. Maryna Cherniakova 9.07.2018
    CELTA June 2018

    I would definitely recommend CELTA and Grade to my friends and colleagues. From the day one everything was on a high level. Tutors are so different, highly professional and they admire their job. I`m really glad that I was a part of this course and surrounded by these awesome people.

  31. Anonymous 9.07.2018
    CELTA June 2018

    Dear CELTA team! I really appreciate the attention and the attitude that you gave to us. I received enormous experience and achieved my needs. Inputs were successful. I got to know all I needed to feel as a teacher. Especially about timing and productive creation of a lesson just in 45 min(before I could do this only in 90 min). Feedback on TPs helped me to see myself with other eyes and to see my strong and weak sides. Tutor support was helpful. It helped me to produce ideas on my own.

  32. Oksana Doroshenko 8.07.2018
    CELTA June 2018

    The CELTA course as tough as we were told. Even harder. Not enough time for lessons preparations or writing assignments. In these extreme conditions it was hard to perform on a high level. Not all inputs were really relevant. All of them were held after lunch what was especially hard taking into account 3-hours sleep at night. Most tutors used the same communicative approach while giving the inputs but it didn`t work well. Half of student`s were exhausted and frustrated after their lessons. To my mind, it could have worked better if inputs had arranged in more old-fashioned way, as lecture, for example. Evaluations and feedback were fair and clear. Initial enquiry and interviews were set quickly and efficiently.

  33. Kateryna Kovalova 16.09.2017
    CELTA August 2017

    The course is very challenging. You have to be 100% devoted to it. There is no spare time for work other than CELTA-centred. Anyway, you are not going to regret it if you choose to complete this course.

    The course improves your teaching skills, gives the opportunity to meet inspiring professionals, sets the pace of your life and motivates you to go on with further development. The course is an investment into your future. All the sleepless nights are worth everything you gain at the end.

  34. Tetiana Stepaniuk 14.09.2017
    CELTA August 2017

    All candidates should understand that the course is highly intensive, so think twice before taking it. As soon as you’ve decided to go for it, be perceptive and decisive. The course gives you everything to start your career in teaching-don’t miss the chance! CELTA will probably be one of the most challenging things you’ve ever done.

  35. Olha Lysenko 13.09.2017
    CELTA August 2017

    If you don’t know why your students cannot memorise vocabulary or keep forgetting grammar rules (and you really care about your students:)), try CELTA and change the way you’re teaching! Open a new door for yourself and your students! The course was awesome, I have no other comments. I strongly believe a new era has started in my life.

  36. Al Harris 12.09.2017
    CELTA August 2017

    If you are serious about becoming a teacher or a better teacher, than they (the tutors) are very serious about helping you to obtain that goal.

  37. Iryna Strukalo 11.09.2017
    CELTA August 2017

    I have just finished the most challenging and interesting course in my life. It was very useful and efficient. Here I’ve learned how to teach students in a proper way and how to see a lesson as a structure with aims, instructions and results. It was not easy but definitely worth doing it. Three amazing tutors were working with us, teaching us and encouraging when needed. I am very thankful to them and to everybody I’ve met here.

  38. Hanna Hlazkova 11.09.2017
    CELTA August 2017

    CELTA course is one of the best (actually the best so far) teaching experiences I have ever had in my life. It encourages you to go beyond (way beyond) your limits. It broadens your professional horizons and inspires you to go further and deeper in your research. It makes you think out of the box. You will get even more confidence as a teacher and you will be prepared to walk into a classroom knowing your students will enjoy every minute of your lesson (and, of course, learn something new). If you’re looking for a solid ground to start or continue your teaching career, you should definitely join CELTA.

  39. Hanna Osuga 10.09.2017
    CELTA August 2017

    I’d definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in new trends of teaching English. This course is amazing and it gives you lots of chances to improve your professional skills. And it doesn’t matter whether you have some experience or not, because in both cases you’ll find the input sessions useful and educative. So if you are serious about your teaching and ready to take on this challenge, welcome!

  40. Anna Kuchkova 9.09.2017
    CELTA August 2017

    CELTA is a real treasure chest. It’s a great opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge. It’s a challenge, it’s exhausting but it’s worth taking it. I feel very confident now, I have a structure how to teach and do it professionally.

  41. Kateryna Netreba 8.09.2017
    CELTA August 2017

    Don’t hesitate and take the course. Don’t be afraid of hard work and little sleep. It’s not as continuous and difficult as you might think especially if you concentrate on improving yourself and enjoying the process. You should take the course in order just to meet awesome and talented people who will inspire you for the rest of your life.

  42. Bohdana Stadnyk 7.09.2017
    CELTA August 2017

    This course is full of useful information and techniques that could help teachers to improve their teaching skills. You might think that you are familiar with some of them, but you’ll be surprised to discover that probable you had been using them inappropriately. Moreover, you’ll reveal your weak points and you’ll need to work with them. Not every teacher is ready to do this. But if you take all the feedback from tutors on board, you’ll benefit from the course immensely.

  43. Yuliya Kiyenko 7.09.2017
    CELTA August 2017

    I’ve finished this four-week CELTA course, and now I realise that my teaching has rapidly changed. I highly recommend everyone who wants to enhance their teaching skills to take the course and get a lot of benefits. You will improve your lesson planning, will learn how to make goals and achieve them; your students will speak more than you during the lesson. The course is really worth taking!

  44. Oksana Kobernyk 15.08.2017
    CELTA August 2017

    This course is definitely worth taking if you’re an English teacher. CELTA provides you with a lot of opportunities for professional growth and development. On the course, you’re given a chance to meet fantastic people from all over the world, share your ideas with them and learn a lot from them. Your teaching will never be the same after finishing the course, as the experience that you get here is life-changing and valuable, you will be inspired, motivated and eager to implement your knowledge into practice. Be sure that you will benefit greatly from this course!

  45. Tetiana Rutkovska 30.07.2017
    CELTA July 2017

    Yes, of course, I would definitely recommend this course to a friend due to several reasons: the course was practical & useful, the tutors were supportive professionals, the premises & equipment were just perfect, while the teammates absolutely lovely! I learnt a lot from my fellow participants as well, namely by watching them & discussing the strengths and the areas to work on. As for the input sessions, there was a good balance of practical & theoretical ones.

    I didn’t expect this course to be so life-changing for me! It really changed a lot of things in my mind with teaching approaches, methods and techniques. That’s why I’d like to say that it is worth doing the course. You’ll definitely benefit from it!

  46. Olga Balitska 29.07.2017
    CELTA July 2017

    I would recommend this course to every teacher who starts their teaching or goes on teaching. Here are the advantages: the course is useful (70% practice, 30% theory), it helps to achieve your aims and is really learner-oriented. The trainers were qualified and approachable, the materials up-to-date, the rooms net and the laptops available all day long. In general, the course helped me to prepare for my next TPs, improve my teaching, steal some effective strategies, pay attention to the things I didn’t notice before while teaching.

    This course can help a teacher to organize the process of teaching more effectively, and will provide with profound knowledge, creative ideas, constructive feedback, positive emotions, real friends and professional satisfaction.

  47. Oleksandra Ryshkova 28.07.2017
    CELTA July 2017

    I have experienced a lot of useful and challenging, and rewarding situations; I was given many opportunities to get new knowledge and immediately use it in practice. It is a must for every English teacher who wants to develop their professional skills. It will help you to change your teaching techniques for better, gain new knowledge and experience. Be ready to devote ALL your time to this course, it is really intensive and stressful. However, the people you’re going to meet at the course, your super-professional tutors and cool fellow CELTA candidates, will make this time exciting and unforgettable as well, really worth your efforts.

  48. Olha Zavorotna 28.07.2017
    CELTA July 2017

    If you still have any hesitation in taking this course, I’d like to ensure you that that will be the most valuable experience in your life. The perfect balance of theory and practice you’re going to receive here will effectively improve your teaching skills. The tutors are not only real professionals, but also friendly, supportive and inspiring facilitators.

  49. Daria Kasnianchuk 27.07.2017
    CELTA July 2017

    I will definitely recommend this course to my friends and acquaintances as it gives a marvelous opportunity to upgrade your skills and improve your teaching style. First and foremost, our tutors were incredible people always ready to support all the candidates and give a hand in difficult situations.

    I am inclined to believe that it is highly desirable for any dedicated teacher to take this fascinating course.

  50. Nataliia Dychka 27.07.2017
    CELTA July 2017

    The course is very useful and helpful for those teachers who want to become teachers of English with a high level of proficiency. The course teaches you all the modern techniques of methodology, which means that your further lessons will be conducted according to the European standards!

  51. Natalia Liashko 26.07.2017
    CELTA July 2017

    Practice makes perfect! And this particular course has proved it. The balance between theory and practice is amazing. Fantastic team: tutors are simply the best! Supportive and inspiring.

  52. Inha Korotchenko 26.07.2017
    CELTA July 2017

    I would definitely recommend this course to a friend as it has given me new insights, lots of experience and inspiration. This would be extremely helpful and useful for those willing to improve their teaching techniques. It is a challenge that you have to take because it’s 100% worth it!

  53. Maryna Zabolotna 25.07.2017
    CELTA July 2017

    This course is an amazing journey in which you get lots of positive emotions, support, and knowledge and life experience. You will have really friendly, helpful, positive and supportive guides, your tutors. They will help you to achieve success, but only if you are determined to actually get it. Enjoy one month of a completely different life.

  54. Alla Lytvynenko 24.07.2017
    CELTA July 2017

    Don’t be afraid of taking the course. The tutors are very positive, supportive, motivating and helpful. You’ll be provided with the information, materials and positive atmosphere throughout the course. It’s new experience, not easy one, but it’s worth your dedication. You’ll gain new knowledge and will also become more self-confident.

  55. Alex Sladkovska 30.06.2017
    CELTA June 2017

    I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to become a better teacher. It was effective, intensive and useful. It was hard at times, but it’s manageable. The interview and application procedure were very convenient.

    All facilities were provided. I have taught 6 hours overall followed by my peers and tutors feedback. The observation of fellow participants was very useful as we learned together, sharing experience and techniques. The input sessions were very effective, but too much information at times.

  56. Kateryna Mysik 28.06.2017
    CELTA June 2017

    I would recommend this course as I’ve gained lots of useful experience and learnt lots of techniques. It was well organized. The application procedure was well done. All required facilities were provided, but sometimes we had problems with printers. And I wish we could have a bigger variety of books to choose from.

    The teaching feedbacks were very detailed. The observation of tutors was well organized. I loved all input sessions.

    I wish I had known the criteria for the future lessons before conducting them. It wasn’t always clear what is expected from us.

  57. Volodymyr Goncharenko 28.06.2017
    CELTA June 2017

    I would definitely recommend this course, as it is very hands-on and provides plenty of opportunity for personal growth. This course was definitely worth it. The application procedure was fine.

    The Grade Centre did everything possible to provide us with technical stuff and materials we needed. I just wish the printer had been a bit more cooperative. Teaching practice was probably the best bit of CELTA. The guidance and feedback from the tutors is a great source of inspiration and insight. The observation of tutors was very good. I loved getting feedback from my fellow trainees. My group was very supportive.

    The input sessions were indispensable. It was difficult to follow input sessions after sleepless nights.

    Reading the recommended literature is really a MUST not an option.

  58. Yevheniia Stakhovskyi 27.06.2017
    CELTA June 2017

    I would definitely recommend this course, because it is a significant improvement of my teaching skills. Now I know how to teach people correctly, using various approaches and activities, how to manage a class. The course is very effective. The application procedure was convenient and clear.

    Facilities were great, although printer in one room made us nervous a few times. Teachers who observed in general gave me useful tips. Feedback sessions were always helpful and very interesting. The observation of fellow participants shows me good and bad sides. The input sessions were effective.

  59. Tanya Bednarczyk 26.06.2017
    CELTA June 2017

    I would definitely recommend this course to both “experienced” teachers and to those considering the profession. It taught me a lot about teaching and provided a glimpse into a student-centered classroom. The course was very hands-on and practical. The tutors and guidance was excellent. The application procedure was good and clear.

    Teaching feedback was accurate. The observation of tutors was sometimes outdated, but very helpful. The observation of fellow participants was helpful, but became a bit redundant towards the end. The input sessions were very informative. They helped to realize the weaknesses to work on.

    I was warned that course was going to be very intensive, but didn’t expect to stay up very late almost every night.

  60. Alina Golub 25.06.2017
    CELTA June 2017

    I would recommend this course to someone who had no chance to get some trainings at work and who has never attended workshops and seminars for teachers’ development. In general, I am satisfied with the course. However, I wish the price was lower. The application procedure was quick.

    I loved my TP. The feedback was always detailed and reasonable. Sometimes it might have been subjective. I would love to observe the lessons of all tutors.
    It was great to assess fellow participant’s lessons and see good and bad points from the side. We’ve learnt to improve together. Some of the input sessions were quite useful; some of them were more entertaining. However, I appreciate the recourses that we got with bibliographies and stuff.

  61. Olga Lavrentieva 25.06.2017
    CELTA June 2017

    I will recommend this course, as I think it is extremely useful for teachers. It was exciting, helpful and fun. I’ve learnt a lot of new things that I find really important.

    The interview and application procedure was well organized. All the necessary materials and equipment were provided.

    There were opportunities to teach different levels and to have various types of lessons, which is great. I found out my strengths and areas to work on in the future. The observation of tutors was interesting and informative. The observation of fellow participants helped me to develop my own skills. The input sessions were exciting and useful. I’ve learnt the most important things.

    I feed I’d known the feedback and error correction techniques, eliciting and task designing before doing the course.

  62. John Manning 24.06.2017
    CELTA June 2017

    I would recommend this course. I worked herder then I ever have, but it was also fun. The feedback was at times vague and the practical solutions sometimes also. But I learnt a lot, mostly on assignments. I also learned a lot from my fellow participants.

    I wish I had known all tense names/rules before doing course.

  63. Ganna Golubkova 23.06.2017
    CELTA June 2017

    I would recommend this course. Everything was great! The organization, the input sessions, the support – everything was awesome! And the friendly atmosphere is unforgettable. The interview and application procedure was well-organized and clear. The facilities were available, but I wish there were colored pencils or points for some activities (but it’s a kind of extra).

    The real teaching practice and immediate feedback from my colleagues and tutors have helped me to achieve my goals. The observation of experienced tutors was really useful. I’ve “stole’ some things from their lessons. The observation of fellow participants was necessary for comparison and self-evaluation.

    The input sessions were my favorite part. They were so different and at the same time interesting. They were not lectures, but active workshops, as well.
    I was well-informed before the course.

  64. Yuliia Shynkaruk 20.06.2017
    CELTA June 2017

    I would recommend this course for everyone, as it a great step forward in teaching career. It’s well organized; I learned a lot useful information and got new skills. All the necessary facilities were available, but I wish printers had worked better.

    Tutors were great and the feedbacks were objective and helped to improve the week points. The observations were helpful. It helped to see the peer mistakes and avoid them. Input sessions were great. The approach itself was new for me and I wish I had known all this things earlier.

  65. Iryna Tulenkova 20.06.2017
    CELTA June 2017

    I would recommend this course because it was really helpful. You get tones of new techniques and find out a lot of new things, which will be crucial for future career. The course was intensive and great, a real challenge. An interview and application procedure was easy and clear. The facilities were perfect.

    In the classroom you learn from real situations. Peer observations help a lot. The observation of tutors encourage reflectively on your teaching manner. The observations of fellow participants were very useful, as you can see your weak and strong points. The input sessions give a lot of information.

  66. Svitlana Bosovych 20.06.2017
    CELTA June 2017

    I would recommend this course, because it was very educational and interesting. It provides the unique and great approaches and gives a chance to put them in practice. The tutors are always ready to help you. Each teacher will benefit a lot from this course. Everything was well-organized, systematic and methodological. Each input session was engaging and I gained priceless knowledge from them. The third week was extremely tough for me, but still manageable.

    The interview and application procedure was very good. All facilities were available and functioning. Teaching practice and feedback were great, objective and relevant. Live teachers were awesome, but DVD observation was a bit boring. The observation of fellow participants was very useful, as I learnt a lot of various techniques, leaders and eliciting methods. The input sessions were perfect.

    Time pressure was my biggest challenge although I was informed that it is really intensive.

  67. Oksana Gusarovska 19.06.2017
    CELTA June 2017

    I would definitely recommend this course, because it is really intense and helpful. It helps to make our lessons snappy, exciting and beneficial. You start noticing your mistakes and working on the action points.

    I would give 100% positive assessment of the course. It was full of new things, well management, positive and inspiring emotions from my peers. I felt a lot of support and care from the tutors.

    The interview was really detailed and deep. So I was given useful tips at the beginning of the course. Every room was good equipped. Tutors gave us a very detailed and clear feedback with action points and strengths. Tutors devoted a lot of time and taught us to analyze our peers. I loved observing Andrew’s demo lesson and DVDs. The input sessions were really practical.

    The course is more intense that I expected. Literally you have no time for everything else.

  68. Anastasiia Tsaran 19.06.2017
    CELTA June 2017

    I will recommend this course to someone with tendency to teach English. This course was intensive, interesting and had a lot of useful information. The application procedure was clear. All required facilities were present.

    Teaching feedback helps to improve what you know and want to learn. The observations of experienced tutors were very useful and helpful, including examples of plan and materials. The recommendations of other participants were also helpful. The input sessions were great.

  69. Farid Daabad 10.03.2017
    CELTA February 2017

    I would recommend this course after warning of its intensity. It is useful for both experienced and inexperienced English teachers. An application procedure was convenient and effective. All required facilities were provided. I was satisfied with the effective teaching practice and feedback. The observations of tutors and fellow participants were very useful.

  70. Kseniia Bychenko 9.03.2017

    I would recommend this course, because it was useful, intensive, dynamic, informative, interactive, communicative and rich. The overall assessment of the course is 8 of 10. The interview and application procedure was great.

    Facilities were in general good, but sometimes printers need to be fixed.

    Teaching practice was excellent and would like to have more hours. The feedback was constructive and helpful. The live observation of tutors was fascinating, but DVD seemed a bit outdated. The observation of fellow participants was useful, but sometimes long and boring.

    The input sessions were practical, useful and interesting. However, some were too teacher-centred.

  71. Alex Clarke 8.03.2017
    CELTA February 2017

    I’d recommend this course, because it is very informative and interesting. I’d also inform other to study beforehand and be ready for a large workload. The course was slightly hard, but manageable. Facilities were more than sufficient.

    Teaching feedback was practical and useful. Observation of tutors was helpful for learning different teaching techniques and fellow participant’s observation helps to show my own progress. Moreover, the input sessions were interesting.

  72. Maryna Dementii 7.03.2017
    CELTA February 2017

    I would recommend this course, as it gives solid practical knowledge and widely recognized and respected international certificate. Furthermore, I found it practical and rewarding. All the tutors were highly professional and very patient.

    I was warned that the course would be stressful. Moreover, I was also given a pre-course task and a lot of books for studying before the beginning. Facilities were fine.
    The feedback from tutors and fellow participants were comprehensive. All tutors’ observations were of great value; however, I would prefer to have only live observations. During the fellow participants’ observations everyone was able to show his/her teaching style and share different teaching techniques.

    All input sessions were interesting, well-planned and engaging. I truly appreciate the hard work of tutors.

  73. Veronika Syrotkina 6.03.2017
    CELTA February 2017

    I will definitely recommend this course, as it gives a lot of useful material and practice, provides training in strict conditions, which will help to be more persistent in the future work. I wouldn’t recommend this course to a person, who doesn’t have basic pedagogical skills and can’t organize his/her time efficiently.

    The application procedure wasn’t very hard, but a bit time-confusing and an interview was a bit stressful. Facilities were ok.

    Teachers gave me a comment and help on each issue. Observation of tutors was helpful and educative.