Андрій Пігарєв

Academic Director, CELTA Trainer, CELT P/S Trainer

On starting his career in 2006, Andrew has taught English in various contexts: secondary school, General English, English for Specific Purposes and Exam English. His eagerness to take teaching English as a profession was shaped in early school years and turned into a series of decisions later.

He finished Krivoy Rog Teacher Training University with a major in English. Followed by it was CELTA (2012), Delta (2014-2015) leading into becoming a teacher trainer and CELTA tutor (2016).

Andrew works in Grade Education Center as a teacher, teacher trainer, Academic Director, workshop leader and international Speaking Examiner. He is enthusiastic about sharing his expertise and passion about the language and teaching. His major interests are centered around travelling, psychology, ice-skating, creating teaching materials and conducting methodology workshops.


  • Krivoy Rog Teacher Training University (MA in Philology, English and German)


  • CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)
  • Delta (Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults, all modules)
  • TKT (Teacher Knowledge Test, all modules)
  • IELTS Certified Trainer by IELTS Principal Examiner Andrew Thomas
  • International Speaking Examiner
  • IELTS (8.5)
  • TOEFL (116)
  • CAE (Cambridge English: Advanced, C2)
  • CPE (Cambridge English Proficiency, C2)
  • Participant of Cambridge English Teacher webinars, IATEFL Ukraine Conference
  • Speaker at IATEFL Ukraine Conference
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